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Urban Landscaping
Bamboo Nursery

Design - Consult - Install - Maintain - Contain


Bamboo Specialty Nursery

Hardy Bamboo Plants - both running and clumping varieties - plus other bamboo-related supplies.


Landscaping, rhizome barrier installation, removal of bamboo and bamboo maintenance services.


Bamboo and Japanese Gardening books, new and used, in print and out of print books, catalogues, pamphlets, journals, newsletters and other printed matter are offered.


Shovels, knives, and other tools for working with bamboo.

Bamboo Containment Supplies

Rhizome Barrier Systems

Bamboo Poles / Fence Sections / Gates & Screens



Links to other bamboo-related websites.

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Nursery located in center of Bainbridge Island a short 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. Visits by appointment only. Mailing address is:

Bamboo Gardener LLC
P.O. Box 94493
Seattle, WA 98124
Telephone: 206-371-1072

We request that you please read the information on the Page that you are interested in before you call. No doubt the details and answers to your questions are listed here on this web site. Then e-mail 1st and call if needed if you need more information.

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