Rhizome Barriers

We only recommend 80 mil barriers at this time for bamboo containment.

No man made barrier will ever be 100% effective.

Mother nature and it's child "Bamboo" will always in the end find a way to out smart humans.

Maintenance on a continuous twice yearly care of all bamboo plantings is highly recommended and an important part of the containment system. Without proper maintenance the bamboo will escape. With proper maintenance of a rhizome barrier containment system even the 60 mil barrier will eventually fail. Even a so called "Life Time Roof" will not last forever.

Bamboo Gardener has witnessed in 2005 rhizomes of Phyllostachys nigra piercing 40-mil barrier in Seattle. In the Spring of 2008 a 60-mil barrier was pierced also. Thus the upgrade to 80-mil barrier.

So use the 80 mil barrier for all bamboos that are any larger then the ground covers (Except the clumpers as they spread very slowly and in most cases can be left alone in their spread), do twice a year care and as the barrier does fail either replace it just as you would with a old roof or do root pruning as you would on a bamboo planting that does not have a barrier.

Do not fret about having to do maintenance on your bamboo planting. Just think of it as less labor that is needed to maintain a lawn. And lawns needs care twice a month or roses that require continuous care all Summer long. Bamboo really can get along with a twice yearly care and can thrive and look best if you pay attention to it once each season.

So water your bamboo in the Summer, root prune and water in the Fall, clean out thin and dead wood in the late Winter and fertilize, water and root prune if needed in the Spring.

The rhizome barrier is a High-Density Polyethylene plastic.

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