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New status on product availability and pricing. All Gates, Fences and Screens are custom made to each clients specifications. Due to world market source availability, it is possible that some items are no longer available or that their prices have changed. Be sure to check price and availability before ordering.

Washington State residents buying retail must add 10.25% sales tax to the total bill.

Orders for poles less then bundles are subject to a fee for time in selection at the rate per minute of time to do so.

Custom made to size screens and fencing from imported and local grown poles are available per individual estimate.

All bamboo poles are guaranteed to crack, split have uneven color, size, dimensions, nicks and blemishes. Bamboo does crack and split when taken from a humid environment and placed in a dry one. This is the nature of the structure of a bamboo pole. The Solid Poles are much stronger and tend not to split. Some precautions can be taken by wrapping the pole at the joints as to bind it in its fresh state to keep its form. If oiled, lacquered and sealed with a common wood preservative the poles tend to keep their new young appearance for many years. They are nature's beauty.

Screens / Fence Sections / Gates (picture)

These products are all custom made to site specifications. Price costs depend on the style, size and quantity of each piece. For a ball park idea on costs figure for materials and labor for a fence, screen or gate to measure the height at 6 foot tall and per linear foot x $150 to get an idea of what the project will cost. So a 8 foot long fence section could cost $1,200. A 3 foot wide gate could cost $900. Most complicated designs will cost more.

All prices vary because of actual site installation location and styles of bamboo pieces can have many different supply needs and some designs can vary from simple to very complicated assembling.

For ideas on styles and designs the book title "Building Bamboo Fences" is a good source to study.


Bamboo poles are generally larger in diameter at the base then narrow down to a smaller diameter towards the top end as this is the nature of the plant. The diameter sizes given are at the largest point on the cane.

Local Poles: Mixed bundles of various species 1/4'' to 1'' measured at the base 8' to 14' long (picture)
Individual pole if I choose the pole$5.00
Individual pole if you choose the pole$5.00 + $1.00 per minute of my time going through the bundles to help you choose the pole
Bundle of 12-20 poles (variable)$60.00
Infrequently larger size poles available. E-mail questions on larger sizes and if they are available.
Individual poles ( 1 1/2" to 6 inch diameter )$15 to $60.00 each

Limited supplies of stock on hand.

I do not ship any of these above mentioned products due to the high cost.
You can still pick these products up from the nursery if in stock or I could deliver locally. Ask at the time of your order for delivery fees.

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