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Shovels, knives, and other tools for working with bamboo.

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Professional Nursery Spades

King of Spades guarantees these nursery spades against handle breakage for 5 years The best shovel for harvesting or planting trees, shrubs and bamboo. Blades are constructed from heat treated 1/8" thick steel ground to a self sharpening tip that resists dents and nicks. Spades come sharpened and ready to dig right from the box. Available with a diamond point for easier penetration of hard soils. Two blade lengths are also offered 13" for the short D-Handle spade and the Long handle spades are in 15" blade length.

Handles are made from zinc plated aircraft tubing so they are super strong, light weight, rust resistant and smooth. 27" 'D' handle has a large grip with plenty of room for a gloved hand. Long handle is 50" long and painted blue.

In an effort to keep prices down these spades are sold without standard foot pads. Large rubber foot pads are 1.5" wide by 3" long and can be mounted on either or both sides of both shovels. If you desire foot pads they should be ordered separately.

Washington State residents buying retail must add 10.1% sales tax to the total bill.

KS = Short Handle with 'D' Handle End
LH = 50'' Long Handle painted blue
FP = Foot Pad

Order #DescriptionWTPicturePrice ($USD)
KS - 3D13'' Diamond Blade 5 lbs picture $140
LH - 5D15'' Diamond Blade 6 lbs picture $185
KS - FPOptional Foot Pad 1 lb picture $15

Splitters, Hatchets, Saws, and Knives

ItemPicturePrice ($USD)
3 - Way Bamboo Pole Splitter picture $30
4 - Way Bamboo Pole Splitter picture $38
Bamboo Pole Hatchet w/ Wood Handle picture $50
Bamboo Pole Hatchet w/out Wood Handle picture $38
Big Hatchet w/ Wood Handle picture $60
Big & Long Hatchet w/ Wood Handle picture $75
Bamboo Pole Saw picture $35
Bamboo Pole Saw replacement blade picture $21
Bamboo Field Saw with holster 240mm picture $37
Bamboo Field Saw with holster 270mm picture $38
Bamboo Field Saw with holster 300mm picture $39
Z-Saw picture $30
Z-Saw replacement blade picture $20
Folding Bamboo Saw - Razor H200 picture $43
Folding Bamboo Saw - Razor H250 picture $50
Folding Bamboo Saw - Razor 20B picture $50
Folding Knife picture $34
Small Knife   $40
3 Piece Carving Set in Box picture $68

Palm Rope and Miscellaneous

ItemPicturePrice ($USD)
Palm Rope, 60 ft.   $8
Palm Rope, 330 ft. Black or Brown picture $25
Bamboo Broom picture $25
J Hook, Bamboo Tying Needle picture $15
Taki-Toma Toys picture $15

Prices listed are based on hand to hand delivery. For shipping via UPS to U.S. addresses add $25.00 to your order for one shovel. Foot pad price only for shipping without shovel add 17% to cover shipping. For other tools a current quote on shipping prices will depend on the weight of the order and the tools' sizes. So e-mail your request and we will quote a current shipping price. Payment must be received before shipment of merchandise. All sales are final. No refunds.

We accept cash, checks and money orders, Bank Transfers made payable to: Bamboo Gardener LLC. In U.S. Funds.

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